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Covid Safety Policy

Covid Safety Policy

Alice takes all reasonable steps to ensure that she and husband Marek both comply with the government's guidance with regard to managing the risk of COVID-19

Alice has invested in equipment and PPE above and beyond what is required to ensure that all shows are as safe as they can be.

Below is a list of the current safety measures in place.


On arrival, setup and departure, we will always be wearing an approved quality facemask.

Face Shield

We always carry a face shield and this can be worn while performing if requested. However this would normally be worn to protect us as opposed to the facemask which is to protect others.


We will sanitise our hands before and after every performance with 70% alcohol content gel

Antibacterial wipes

We will always have these to wipe down any equipment necessary.

Retractable Perspex Screens

If needed, we have two retractable clear plastic screens 1.5m width x 2m height

Zero Contact

We will not touch anything at all. If it is absolutely necessary to touch a garden gate or a chair or anything, We will put on gloves and sanitise our hands straight away afterwards. We  maintain at least 2 metres distance at all times and will not need to use any facilities including toilet facilities. 100% zero contact at all times.


By Nov 2021 we had both had double vaccinations and booster, which we can share from the NHS Passport. Lateral Flow Testing is performed on the morning of each entry to the Care Home.

Government Guidance

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