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J. would always cheer happily when Alice walked into the room. She liked to bring along a hairbrush to gently brush Alice’s hair. When Alice was about to go home each week after the show, sometimes J. would cry, but Alice would sing ‘We’ll Meet Again along with her, and then J. would always feel better. Sometimes J. and the other residents would hide Alice’s jacket so that she would not go home.


B. likes to sing along to all the songs., especially the Lambeth Walk, and happily shouts out ‘Doing the Lambeth walk Oi’! B. would call "Woohoo!" and "BOOM BOOM!" when Alice came into the lounge with her pom-poms to do her show each week. When Alice asked how B. was once, she replied ‘Like a fiddler’s elbow, sometimes a little up sometimes a little down’. Caring B. was always concerned with how Alice was going to get home.

One day V., a sweet gentleman, went over to Alice chuckling to himself. He got down on one knee and said "Just say yes ". So Alice said "Yes". Then V. proposed to her with an old washer he had found on the floor, still chuckling to himself. One day the other residents made faces by painting balloons. They made a balloon of Alice with black hair, red lips, and a BLUE face. When Alice asked why they had given her a blue face, the reply was "Because you are always laughing one day you may go blue in the face!".


One of the care homes I entertain at sent me this photo... The joy in making A. sing again and tap his feet is something I will never forget. They were not holding out much hope for him at first as he was so depressed. He used to just sleep in his chair. Then one day I put on Rivers of Babylon and he started to sing along with tears in his eyes and tap his feet, after a while I gave him some pom poms and he was joining in fully. Other residents with vascular Dementia who had had a stroke, began to find tiny movements again in the body when music was played. Those moments were priceless to see a sense of achievement in their eyes.

This is Alice's favourite picture!

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