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Another remarkable community coach honoured at the awards was Alice Tribedi, who proves great coaching can reach everyone, working with older participants up to 93 years old. She said:

“Coaching means a sense of community to me. I coach mostly those who are older, up into their nineties, and for many they have been on their own throughout the pandemic. In my classes there was a lot of depression, many suffering from isolation. That’s why it’s important to support everyone, because these are the people that need it most.

“To be recognised means the world. Having had to give up my dancing career when I was so young due to injury, means that my coaching career is everything to me. I enjoy it so much, and it means everything to coach the amazing people I do. One lady told me that not long before her husband died, he had told her to continue coming to my classes to help her. She told me last Christmas that the class had been a lifeline for her. That makes you realise the power of coaching.”

Connecting people utilising sport and physical activity, and having a positive impact on people’s well-being 

Alice carried on her dance exercise classes via Zoom, at first with no charge for two months.

Creating an environment where people felt empowered and motivated either to get active or to stay active during the COVID-19 lockdowns  

Alice ran her classes throughout the entire pandemic

Making a difference and an impact on others (eg family member, friend, participant). 

Alice helped class members and other friends in the community by offering to deliver their shopping and medicine if they were isolating, and also giving a friendly listening ear for anyone who was feeling alone, depressed or isolated.
She also continued to raise money for charities by running 5K daily for The Captain Sir Tom charity the NHS Covid Fund raising over £200, and also a Triathlon for Helen & Douglas House. She is also running for '5K for heroes' 


Getting this card made Alice cry



Dementia Entertainment Award by Mayor of Hillingdon, to recognise her contribution to the residents of local care homes.


3 Awards 

..from Mayor of Hillingdon, for contribution to charity and Dementia Care Home Entertainer in local care homes.


Award from David Simmonds CBE MP

Alice thrilled to receive award from local MP!


Exercise Champion Award from Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor Roy Chamdal

Alice so delighted to receive award from Mayor of Hillingdon


Lifestyle Lead, Care UK

"We are so glad that you popped into the home and would like you to keep coming as we do hear such great enjoyment from all residents when you have finished your session. We have noticed a difference when you visit us".

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